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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Too Much Snow

I wish I could have gotten stuff done today, but I did not. I went to go out and get the things done but as I left my driveway I almost got stuck in the deep snow.

As I was waiting so my neighbor can drive in (road not plowed so only room for one) he tells me to stay home as I will never make it out of the end of the street without 4 wheel drive. He was kind enough to ask if I need him to get me something. Love that we have a 4x4 truck in the driveway that does not work.

I need to pay a bill, I also need to buy more gas for the Snow blowers on top of my to do list. But those are things I thought of later.

I did do something, I canceled my myspace and my facebook accounts. They are sure time stealer and do to privacy conserns I deleted them. I also found I was very negative about the snow and whiney and so I desided best to keep to myself and delete as much as I can and then delete the accounts.

I wonder if I should just sell the truck and hope to get what we spent on it back or if I should take in into the garage to be looked at for a fourth time.

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