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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My to do list

Today I got some things done on my to do list. This is Always a good thing.

#1. Got my husbands books reboxed to miniumize number of boxes and get them grouped with books instead of two in this box with random stuff and three in this box with random stuff. We have been try to finish our basement for the last two years and the result of regularly throwing just anything in a box and moving it to the room that is not being worked on is a unorginized mess.

#2. Dropped off some more of my sons outgrown items at the resale store. They took about two thirds of the tote so the rest needs to be recorded into my donation spread sheet so I can drop it off at Aid Inc. come January. Did not get the items entered just brought into the room that I do this in.

#3 Helped Gama wrap Christmas presents. This I do every December, each year this seems to get later and later.

#4. Sold two of the robes I picked up in Febuary for $5 each. I have one more to go, these were suppose to be Christmas gifts but we desided to just send gift cards this year, so I no longer need them and want to clear out the clutter in the house.

#5. Bagged up Gift Card for my little man. A gift card came in the mail for my son from his aunty so I took it out of the card and put it in a small gift bag and put it under the tree.

Must do soon
Price check my sons medicine at the store so I can purchase it when it goes on sale as we are down to 30 days supply left.

Have a great productive day.

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