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Monday, December 28, 2009

Ahhh It is Monday!

It is a lovely Monday morning. Why yes I will tell you about it, thanks for asking.

I am up at 5am writing a blog entry because I am trying to curb my Farmville/facebook addiction. Truthfully I got up this morning and thought I might have heard the beep beep of the snow plow. Yes it was. Of course I am hard to please and wish the plow would have gotten closer to our curb but it could of been worse and they could have piled it right there at the start of my driveway instead of in the middle of the open space curve like they did.

Ahh the snow adventures of living in a cul-de-sac. Realized when I got up to peek out the window that I left my outside lights on again. It sticks not having streetlights, but i am not looking forward to them taking on special assessments to put them up when I just paid mine off.

I do not have to work today! I have this whole week off, I scheduled a dentist cleaning for my son tomorrow that we will be going to but other than that nothing. Ahh sweet bliss.

Ahh and now I am going to ruin that lovely morning by writing AKA venting about my sucky day yesterday!

Yesterday I had a little melt down and well after realizing I was being negative I deleted my facebook and myspace accounts. I wish I could be the blue bird of happiness all the time but sometime I need to vent and well; facebook and myspace is not the place to do it.

I don't know why I allowed my husbands friends to befriend me. It is not really necessary. They are a bad influence and truthfully I want nothing to do with them! So why not just ignore there friendship requests? Because it is like high school all over, you want everyone to like you and I have a whole 30-40 friends and some people have like 600. It is rather depressing; oh well once I am sure I will be free to post onto face book without it being used against me for my negative views I will start posting again.

Anyway I realized after a post by his buddy "you have issues..." that I needed to stop talking to him. He is always venting but really does not want to hear your issues about the same topic. eg It is nice the plow got to you finally after three days; Wish they would do my street I cant get into town and need to mail a bill and get gas for my snow blower hopefully our main road will get plowed soon also.

Truthfully part of the freaking out session happened because I cant get a bill mailed. I forgot about it on the 25th, due to the fact I was going to drop it off on the way to Christmas lunch but the roads were so bad I was not going to detour, then the 26th no mail was delivered or picked up due to the left behind snow from blizzard on the 25th, then yesterday the 27th I could not get out of the connecting street to the main road. Yeah endless fun. The bill is my husbands Child Support that has to go to Russia okay not Russia but it feels like it takes that long to mail to that state.

I opened a savings account (just to pay this bill) so that my husband could set up a automatic payment to this bill, I was hoping to fund the account then build it up to three months debit as a safety net then every paycheck we would just transfer in some money and let is auto pay. By we I mean ME as I pay all the bills. Well silly me went to the website again to see if maybe I could do a one time auto pay due to the issues with mail and nope has to be a checking account. So now I need to switch the purpose of this account. I could keep it sort of the same purpose by having it be a overdraft to that checking account, but my husband sees money and has to spend it so need the checking account to be alone and savings alone.

Savings, it could be for the new bed my husband says he must have as our bed is to soft for his liking, I have been told a sheet of pile wood between a mattress and box spring firms up a mattress real nice. But no we need to spend $2000 on a new mattress and another $1000 on the special frame for it. $250 delivery fee as it has to be delivered from the nearest store which is 300 miles away. Then of course the $100 each special bedding to fit the special bed. AHHHHHH a sore spot with me.

On Tuesday I will have to go to the office and get that checking account rolling.

On a positive note, I took out the trash and it was the huge garbage can and another five bags two of those being the big black lawn and leaf bags. Yes the clean up of the house is coming along nicely.

To do: (Cross my fingers)
#1 Mail Child Support Bill & rebate number 1
#2 Returns to Walmart
#3 Buy new shoes for me (Reebox toning)
#4 Buy a Cell phone car charger and miniSD card
#5 Record more donations so that it can be dropped off on the 1st or after.
#6 Prep rebate #2 for mailing.

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