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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is over, time to start saving.

Last year I easily spent $300-500 per person. This year I spent $35 on Me (Stocking stuffers) and $130 on my son that includes his stocking stuffer and a Lego advent calender. The $130 did not include four items I pulled out of the misc present Tote because I felt bad about him only getting two gifts not including the stocking stuffers.

Lesson learned; if I get gift cards for my son before the holiday use them to buy stuff from his wish list; no matter how much he asks for a gift card while at the store he would much rather open a gift he can play with now then to have to take repeated trips to the store waiting for them to restock there shelves.

I also want to start saving over the year for presents $25 each month should mean $300 to spend on my son and then maybe I can spend $50 or so on myself and have the $50 come out of the regular budget. There were two books and a DVD in my stocking; very practical if I do say so, next year I would like to get myself another book or two.

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