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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Still trucken along

Today I am still working on going through the boxes we had in our storage room.

I can proudly say I only have a pile; one pile that is that needs to be gone through again. I do have about three boxes of papers that need to be filed though. Why is it so hard to purge. I think I have shredded at least two kitchen garbage bags full of paper, now that is pre-shred not post when it is all fluffy. Because my son broken my shredder by dropping it, I take my shredding to work and use the jumbo shredder after work; goes by much faster. I need to buy a new shredder but I will wait.

I am recycling the boxes I am emptying out for the person putting up our Sheetrock ceiling to cover our floor with and I have 18 saved for that purpose. I know I tossed at least five boxes (were coated boxes-slippery or had staples in them). That is allot of junk.

I have boxes and boxes of things that need to be recorded then I plan on making a large trip to Aid Inc. I also am currently charging some old phones so I can delete the data and donate the phones to Cellphones for Soldiers. I am keeping my last two phones as backups/replacement phones but I am still donating five phones; five phones is just crazy.

The five things I hope to get done larger today:
#1 Attempt to drop off the phones (not sure if the drop off store will be open)
#2 Return gifts to Wal-Mart
#3 Buy a car charger for my new phone
#4 Buy myself new shoes (Reebox Tone?? in Black)
#5 Fold and put away at least 3 loads of laundry.

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