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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To Do and the stress relief

My to do list is long and never ending it seems. But the good news is that after clearing out my storage room in my basement sometime before Thanksgiving my living room is 75% empty. My living room was 100% empty before I brought the boxes up to that room. Which is why I used that room.

But it is very stressful to see that mess of junk just tossed into boxes day in and day out. Even making a little progress it was stressful. But now that I can walk through the room again instead of having to walk around it I am happy. There are boxes that need to be moved back into storage once the basement ceiling is done, so they will sit there for now. Then there are a box or two of my husbands things that he will need to deal with.

Yesterday I took my son to the Dentist and we tried to go to shoe carnival and we went to kohl's. I was trying to buy those new shoe that truthfully I do need new shoes but I wonder if I need the shoes I would like. I thought about it, I have worn skeakers for years now, it was ryka before that and nike before that. I have not purchased a pair of Reebok shoes in close to 15 years.

I went to the mall (foot locker) a few days ago and of course since they are the craze the shoe I wanted are sold out. I normally wear a 9 1/2 to 10. They had one pair of 9 1/2 which was nice since I could try them on, but they are too small. I will need a 10 or 10 1/2. The shoes I tried on were not the color I wanted but they did give me the chance to try them on. I want black and if I am going to shell out $100 plus tax on a pair of shoes I will get the color I want. I normally pay $45-$50for my everyday shoes and those last a good year or two. So $100 is a big jump.

I am going to give myself a pat on the back because so far this morning I have recorded and boxed up 3 more boxes of items and two more bags of items to donate.

To do:
#1. Fold Laundry
#2. Clean up the family room
#3. Record more donations so that it can be dropped off on the 1st or after.
#4. Post some free online ads for some things I would like to try to sell before i donate them
#5. Drop off the Cell phones (Cell phones for Soldiers program)
#6 Prep rebate #2 for mailing.
#7. Buy new shoes for me (Reebox toning)

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