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Saturday, January 16, 2010

To do Weekend (Monday included)

Need to post a to do list.

I need the power to say yes I did that and well to have my 5 followers hold me accountable. Going to break it down Small so I get lots of extra checks.

#1 Oil Change *****DONE*****

#2 Email Ebay seller with the pictures (bought 2 data cords and they sent the wrong one- need to send pictures of what I got so we can figure out how to handle refund/return etc.) ****DONE******

#3 Mail Insulation refund ******DONE*****

#4 Pickup supplies to finish basement (contractor coming Tuesday PM)*****DONE****

#5 Buy Workout clothes for ME

#6 Buy Reebok Tonefit Shoes in black

#7 Pack up Playroom move stuff upstairs *****DONE*****

#8 Pack up office

#9 Pack up office closet

#10 Move furniture (that I can move by myself) up stairs

#11 Pack up Family room

#12 Move Family room stuff upstairs

#13 set up laptop upstairs as main computer will be unplugged and disconnected

#14 clean off kitchen table

#15 read books with son (Library, School, Class room)

#16 Find thing to get rid of during the pack up process daily for the 365 day challenge.

#17 Balance Checkbook *****DONE****

#18 Pay DH CS and mail the check

#19 Measure kitchen Cabinets *****DONE****

#20 While picking up basement supplies; get a estimate for new Kitchen cabinets installation and all

#21 Drop off tote of things to Once upon a Child.

#22 Buy small portable printer for laptop with Staples rewards ????? (I will be unhooking the main computer and with it the ability to scan and print until the office can be set back up.

#23 email anything important off my main computer to my email account incase I need it while my main computer is unhooked.

#24 Start collecting all the 2009 tax stuff in one folder for later.

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