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Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 day declutter challenge day 2

Today, I called the thrift store and as expected they were closed. I saw a sign when I drove by yesterday; but it was hard to comprehend, but yes the sign really did mean they would be closed Saturday also. I will get the donation items dropped off this week sometime, the thing that stinks is I have so much it fills the trunk and the interior so when I decide to do it I have to follow through or my son will be stuffed next to boxes needlessly.

Since the donating to the thrift store was a bust; I cleaned off my dresser in my bedroom; such relief to have that cleared off instead of tons of junk piled up just waiting to leap off my dresser top onto the floor. The big thing was relocating items to their correct home but in the process I also discarded some game dice, a empty eye drop bottle, all the pharmacy instructions and packaging and a Christmas candy tube.

Sadly it was difficult to toss the plastic candy tube. Why because the Santa on it was so cute, I wanted to find a way to reuse the Santa stopper from a Reese's peanut butter cup holiday tube. Now it is probably good that I wanted to reuse it some how but it is sad that I spent so much energy trying to figure out how to reuse it somehow before I just tossed it.

I also had my Jan issue of ALL YOU magazine on my dresser, I had already read it so I took it and cut out the coupons and in the trash it went. That got me thinking and I went through my coupon box and tossed out my expired December coupons. I also ran across a pair of undies, they are black, which I tend to wear that color religiously during a certain time of the month but these undies are a boys cut and I just don't like them so I never wear them, I finally just tossed them. It is sad to think that it took this challenge to toss out those undies. I always kept them telling myself I would wear them during that time and then during that time I am like these are uncomfortable I am not going to wear them when I am already uncomfortable enough without putting myself through pantie issues.

I came across my electronic Sudoku game I put that in my box of thing that need to be recorded and donated. I am not counting that item as gone because I need to record it and donate it yet but the fact it is off my dresser and in a to do box makes my very proud.

I few minutes ago I came down stairs to the office and scanned three recipes into a folder on my computer that I am going to start gathering recipes. I had three cookbooks I would like to take into the used bookstore to sell and wanted to scan a few recipes first. I looked through the book and truthfully I have a lot of recipes marked to try later but this was during our low carb faze and I don't have the ingredients for some of them any more so when all was reviewed and scanned I copied three recipes. Yes I had held onto three huge 500 plus page cookbooks for three recipes. Once these are sold or donated I will count them but I also want to give myself a pat on the back for scanning the recipes onto my computer and getting them out of my office and into the tote of book to take to the bookstore.

Finally This morning before I figured to clear off my dresser I was trying to think of what to do as a project since the donation would have to wait for another day, I went into my laundry room and saw the shelf laying there on my washer and drier, the shelf was a board and three decorative brackets. I have meant to remove the brackets and discard the shelf for a while now but always put it off. Today I got a screwdriver and removed the screws and put the brackets in my donate box and then thought to see if there was any use for the shelf that would not just be adding to the clutter problem and when I did not I took it to the garage.

Time to record some coke caps into my account and then toss those and I will call it a day and sit back and read for a bit with some nice steamy tea.

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