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Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Update

I am still working the daily challenge! Everyday I toss at least one item, I am doing good; the sad thing is just doing three small items like I normally do never feels like enough. I find myself looking over things thinking there has got to be something I can get rid off that will feel to me like I got something BIG done.

Oh well small steps.

I have started back on my healthy eating life style, my small goal is to make sure I am increasing my water consumption so that soon I will be up to 8 glasses or more a day.

Eat from the pantry challenge, yesterday was the first time in a long time we have gone to the store. We bought a loaf of bread, a carton of eggs, a bag of apples and two boxes of pretzels. All in all I think that I did great because it is hard to make sandwiches without bread and most cooking needs eggs. The apples were because my son has been asking for them, when my child asks for fruit or vegetables such a apples I don't tell myself no I am eating from the pantry and freezer. As for the pretzels that is a kick my child has been on, I could have passed right by it and not purchased it BUT I got that I am here at the store a BLIZZARD is in the overnight forecast maybe I should get a few things for my son IN CASE. Oh well the pretzels are really they only thing I call cheats and I am going to say I have been doing the no grocery shopping challenge for a while now. Oh and I bought Subway for dinner two nights ago because I had a meeting after work I needed to attend and it met my diet goals and I did not have any bread to make anything portable to eat on the run.

This morning I am up early because I went to bed 3 hours early last night; I got a call from the school telling me to come pick up my son from school. He had a tummy ache and was not willing to listen to the teacher or follow directions; at least not follow directions more than normal. But that is an issue for later. So since he was sick I did what I had to do to get him extra sleep.

I told my son it was time for bed and even though it was 6pm 6:30pm (I want my son in bed at 8pm) but lately with holiday etc 9pm 9:30pm is his new norm. So I said he could sleep in the big bed, which means I can make sure he lays there until he is asleep. He had a habit over the holidays of getting up out of his bed and playing then me finding him in the morning on his floor sleeping. So he gets to sleep in the BIG bed and he went to bed much earlier than his new normal and a little earlier than his should be time. I have to work this weekend and he will be at my cousins so I think I will repeat this again tonight so he can get caught up on his sleep and maybe help get him better faster.

What did I do with my extra 2 hours this morning?
#1. Checked the gas level of the large snow blower
#2. Checked the oil level of the large snow blower
#3. Added the stabilizer to the gas cans
#4. Replaced the wiper blades on my car
#5. Picked up a little trash in the garage (to count to my 365 challenge)
#6. Posted this entry
#7. Reviewed blogger posts over the last few days (sad I missed the one day free down load for the Starting over finish rich book).
#8. Hope and pray that I will be able to get my son to school and my to work, I almost got stuck trying to get home last night.

One thing I will not miss once we sell this house, living off of a road that when ever it snows goes down to one moving/packed lane. I almost got stuck last night because as I was pulling into the road another car came barreling down it with some teenagers in it so I was not able to get into the worn part. I purposely put myself in the deeper stuff to avoid being hit by the barreling teenagers. I should have gotten their license number as that road is 25 miles per hour and they were going much faster than that in foot and a half plus deep snow. By almost I mean it took me 10 minutes of me with my son in car going forward, going reverse, going forward, going reverse, then going out pushing snow in front and behind my tires to traction and repeating for 15 minutes.

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