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Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Declutter Day 1

Today, I thought would be great, nice and easy. Not so; it started off great but got hard. The night of New Years Eve my son was being watched by a relative not that I had plans but because she was in from out of state and so he had a spend over with her. I spent the evening finishing up adding the items I was going to donate to the spreadsheet I use for that purpose.

I woke up this morning and had planned to drop off 6 boxes of donations and two bags of clothing at the thrift store; but it being New Years Day they were all closed. I found that weird but that was what happened, after driving to 3 different thrifts stores in an attempt to start the year off right I gave up and figured I would do it tomorrow as the hard part for me it actually sitting down and adding the items into the spreadsheet which I use when I file my taxes.

The other big thing was to donate 5 old cell phones to Cellphones for Soldiers, we have one location in our town. The location is a tax preparation place. There December hours were 1:30 pm until 4:30pm Monday thru Thursday. Since Friday was new years and day one of January they have not posted new hours, but anyway Monday thru Thursday means it is not going to happen for at least three days.

Finally I wanted to take some things to a consignment shop; they were also closed for New years day. I will try them tomorrow.

So you might be wondering if I was able to discard, donate or recycle something today. Well I did recycle a small bag of grocery bags today when I went to Wal-Mart and used a fabric bag for what I purchased saving at least four plastic bags due to the strength of the cloth bag versus the plastic grocery bags. But just recycling a grocery bag full of grocery bags feel like cheating to me.

At the last minute I remembered one of the items I had thrown into the consignment shop box, it was an item that I had purchase a month or so ago and lost the receipt but never used the item. I decided to try to take it back for store credit; well because the item was only worth $7.95 I was given cash. So One item that was unused sitting in my house today was returned to the store and I have one less piece of clutter in my home and my purse is $7.95 richer.

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