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Monday, January 4, 2010

Ahhh the feeling of completion

Yesterday in the 365 days of decluttering I got rid of some papers. Why do I feel I have to hang on to papers. Oh well more are gone.

Today, I got the donations dropped off at the thrift store. Six boxes of stuff and 2 bags of clothing. I also took about half the food items I cooked up from food I had in my freezer/pantry to work for lunches. Tonight the repair guy came over and looked around to see what needed to get done so he can give my a price.

Because the donation things were already in my car or in my garage because every time I tried to donate them it did not work out I just do not feel like I did anything for the challenge today. I will have to clean more papers off my table or work on the office so I feel like I am making progress.

Oh I am trying to not buy groceries; sort of a little challenge but not a full only from the pantry/freezer deal. Today I used up the last of the eggs and we are low on bread so i will have to go buy them but I plan to only buy one loaf of bread and one carton of eggs. A super low grocery spending month for me please.

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