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Saturday, April 10, 2010

It has been a long time.

I have not written for a long time, not even sure where to start.

How about a new introduction to who I am at this moment:

Hi I am a 33 year old female. I am the mother to a sweet hearted 6 year old boy. I am unhappily married and five days ago I met with a lawyer to clarify some points so I can get divorced. On Tuesday I am hoping to sit down with my STBX (Soon to be ex-husband) and go over the marital assets list and Parenting plan guideline and agree to terms so I can turn them into my lawyer.

I am hoping to do what is called a stipulated divorce, it will cost me $1000 and then $85 court filing fee. This means we are in total agreement and basically my lawyer is just typing up the papers in the way the court wants them we sign them in agreement and then they are filed.

Not sure how long it takes before I am legally divorced.

Hopefully Tuesday goes well, 5 days ago was also a big day because it was the first day that the realtor's co workers came to view our house. Yes we own a house together and we are trying to sell. My STBX has decided he wants to move out of state for school while our son and I stay here. That is why I am hoping all will go okay when we sit down to work through the terms.

My lawyer did say if we get caught up on a few points she would recommend mediation to get us through them instead of having to go to court.

Since Late January when my STBX returned from out of state employment I have not been doing much couponing; he hates the clutter. I have not visited CVS in months. I need hair spray and know if I was still shopping CVS I would probably have free hair spray in my closet BUT since we are selling and I am trying to de clutter I am just going generic or with coupon whatever is cheaper without having to deal with rolling ECB's at CVS etc.

I hope to sell our home quickly, The sooner we sell the sooner I can start looking at Apartments. I have been checking listing and there are a few 2bed 2 bath that are half the price of what I am paying in the mortgage payment and a few have a pool or workout room. I would LOVE to be able to spend my summer swimming in a pool in my own apartment complex.

Now on the other hand since my STBX said he would watch our son this summer while I am at work it would be easier IF we were still living together or close. If we are in the same house (it is a two story 2 beds up 2 beds down) then my son would really get a good summer because he could go to bed when he wanted and get up when he wanted instead of me having to drop him off at his fathers when I go to work.

That is if he agrees to still watch him after we are divorced. I was planning on paying him HALF of what I would pay for full-time daycare since if we are splitting daycare costs I would have still been paying someone the same amount to watch him.

Hope that was a good catchup, The saga continues and I will try to update as I know more.

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